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Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI) is a German non-profit research institution in the Free State of Saxony and continues the long standing traditions of the Saxon textile research and textile industry. Process-related and product-related research work covers classical textile technologies as well as innovative technical solutions for a wide range of applications in nonwovens and technical textiles. Main fields of research are: nonwovens/films, warp-knitting/weaving, textile finishing/ecology, textile recycling/vegetable fibers, technical nets and ropes, textile materials research. More than 100 R&D projects on regional, national and transnational level are carried out each year by STFI staff of 115 researchers, laboratory assistants and technicians. The Centre of Excellence in Nonwovens covers interdisciplinary research activities in the field of nonwovens, from web formation, web bonding, finishing of nonwovens and testing as well as product development. STFI runs an accredited textile test laboratory and carries out all commonly required textile physical, physiological, chemical and optical investigations for fibers, yarns, fabrics and clothing as well as geotextiles. STFI has been member of EDANA (European Nonwovens Association) and TEXTRANET (European Network of Textile Research Associations) for many years.

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