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Addcomp Holland BV is a producer of additive systems for polymers. Our core business is the production of masterbatches and compacts (additive granules without polymer carrier) for polymer processing industry. Our customers are polymers processing industry, polymer producers and additive suppliers among whole of Europe. Addcomp Holland B.V. is innovative, dynamic company, having its own engineering department. Two technologies are used for the production of additive systems, i.e. production of masterbatches by extrusion and production of additive granules (without a polymer carrier) by compacting. Our focus is on innovations and problem solving to improve the performance of our systems. This might be expressed by lower overall costs of additive systems, facilitate dosing of e.g. dusty or irritant additives and optimise combinations of additives in "one-package" systems. We often work together with additive suppliers and polymer processors in joint development projects.

Addcomp Holland B.V. is located in Nijverdal in The Netherlands and is a fast growing small company established in 1997. We have six extrusion lines and one compacting facility. We can handle all kind of additives like powers, waxes or liquids. We have a broad knowledge of additives such as stabilisers, anti-UV, flame retardants, anti-blocking or anti-statics, polymer processing aids, release agents blowing agents, nucleants and coupling agents. We are fully dedicated to compound masterbatches based on newly developed additives or combinations of nano-additives with other synergists

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